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1806, 2018

THC and CBD: What are the differences in cannabis light ?

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As many of you already know, Cannabis Light contains high values of CBD (cannabidiol) and low values of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). But what are the differences between these two cannabinoids ? As mentioned, THC and CBD

2405, 2018

Orange Bud CBD is a legal cannabis strain with an Indica predominance.

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Created in the early 80s, it has an aroma reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruits, mixed with mint and cloves. You will discover in our cannabis store that our Orange Bud CBD is an award-winning

1905, 2018

Farmers return to cannabis cultivation

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After a period of latency, the cannabis market has become very popular again. The demand for this product has increased dramatically in recent times, so much so that, according to the latest report by New

3004, 2018

Hemp oil: properties, uses, benefits and contraindications

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Hemp oil, made from hemp seed, is a natural product with extraordinary properties. Its innumerable benefits are mainly due to the presence of fatty acids and active ingredients that make it a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

2704, 2018

The 10 benefits of CBD

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CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive metabolite found in Cannabis sativa. Recently, it has been discovered that this cannabidiol also proves to be very effective in therapies to treat various physical and mental health problems.

504, 2018

Cannabis and women’s well-being

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More and more women are using cannabis for their physical well-being When a woman uses cannabis it is often considered an inappropriate choice. But today's modern women choose to use cannabis primarily as a remedy

2703, 2018

Legal cannabis: what are the effects?

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For some time now, the sale of cannabis or light cannabis has been legalized in our country. The substance is legalized by a very low THC content (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), below the 0.6% threshold established for production,

1103, 2018

The market for legal cannabis or Cannabis Sativa Light is rapidly expanding.

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This is the scientific name of the botanical varieties of cannabis plants, which is now the subject of great success and promising goals in terms of consumption and health. We are hearing a lot about

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